Thursday, May 20, 2010

J.Bo Tape #20: DJ Krush - Back In The Base - 1997

When you give it to me, yeah - give it to me raw...

DJ Krush is a pioneering Japanese legend, respected far and wide for his innovative use of turntables, sampling and the general advancement of instrumental hip-hop. Forming the Krush Posse in 1987 to push the music in his home country, he really made a name on the international stage with his solo DJ and production work after their split in 1992. Countless releases on scene-leading record labels (such as Mo' Wax and Ninja Tune) established him as a major player in the trip-hop genre that exploded in the late 90s. However, his music was always much more diverse and experimental - in his hands, turntables became musical instruments with unlimited possibilities. He also has this eerie ability to mix records at different tempos yet still have it somehow work...?!?

This particular mix is billed as a "A 60 Minute Remix Of Ninja Tunes Back & Front Catalogue". This could be seen as restrictive but it actually focuses Krush into producing a perfect hour of ambience with tracks from DJ Vadim, The Herbaliser, London Funk Allstars and Coldcut (tracklist in the comments and MP3 tags).

For years... and this is meant in a good way... this tape could send me to sleep
anytime I listened to it! Useful during the daytime (when normal people were going about their business loudly) to pump up the volume, drown out the background noise and slip into slumber as Krush's blunted beatz, chilled cutz and hypnotic mixing take you down. Get your own copy of this modern day bedtime story, AKA ambient after-party mixtape, now.

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DJ Krush - Back In The Base - 1997
Source: Memorex CRX II S60-Type II
Duration: 56m04s
Format: MP3-192kbps
Size: 77.1MB

Love is what we need.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

J.Bo Tape #19: DJ Easygroove - The Technodredd #9 - 1992 ***EXCLUSIVE***

The going is rough, it's gonna get rougher... run dis!

popular demand, here is another tape from everybody's favourite year in music - 1992. And after listening to this, it is once again easy to see why. Some of the proto-jungle riddims on this tape are just ridiculous... it is exciting to be posting this J.Bo Tape!

From the legend that is Easygroove, a DJ that everybody has a story about. From headlining all the biggest raves - Fantazia, Obsession, Dance Planet, Dreamscape, Helter Skelter, Raindance, The Eclipse... even getting the coveted midnight New Year's Eve set at these huge events - to the more recent rumours of prison and drug addiction.

But forget the negative and listen to his cutting edge mixes - f
amous for being the only DJ who could, or was brave enough, to mix all the different sounds into one set. Whether it was hardcore, jungle, techno, happy hardcore, ragga, soul, house, hip hop, he would play whatever felt right. Known for being able to dig out the most obscure of records and fit them into a mainstream set, the crowds never failed to respond.

Here we have a tape from his successful Technodredd series (this was possibly the last as I believe he moved onto CD releases soon after this with titles like Cyber-Techno-Dread!!!). Side A focussed on the newly emerging jungle techno breakbeat sound whereas Side B comes with a more experimental mix of flavas... but rest assured that the whole thing is big, hard and HEAVY...

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DJ Easygroove - The Technodredd #9 - 1992
Source: TDK AD90-Type I
Duration: 1h22m31s (43m31s + 39m00s)
Format: MP3-192kbps
Size: 112.8MB (59.8MB + 53.6MB)

Easygroove - Technodredd on Mixcloud