Monday, July 19, 2010

J.Bo & Southern Hospitality Present: Rap & Bullsh*t 101 - 2010 *BRAND NEW*

It's been a long time, I shouldna left you...

.. waiting for J.Bo's long time coming return to the mixtape game. Being a brand new mix, this is not technically a J.Bo Tape... but after toying with the idea of recording it to a blank SA90 (of which I still have an unopened stash) then ripping it back to MP3, I realised this is my blog and I can do what I want!

This perfect party mix is a full on collaboration with
Southern Hospitality AKA the most essential new music blog on the internet. Don't believe me? Just ask the New York Times to know that the world has sat up and is taking notice. Maximum respect to the big homies Superix, Rob Pursey and Davey Boy Smith for their tireless work pushing new music through their blog, their relentless genre-jumping mixtape releases and at their many events in London, around the UK and internationally.

To quote myself from the official release:

The long overdue collaboration between J.Bo and Southern Hospitality has been a true labour of love, just over a year in the making... and even now, the only way to agree to a final tracklisting was to start planning volume 2 (and 3!) immediately. A representation of one of our favourite sub-genres of all, these are the jiggy jams that brought fun and females back to the clubs. Featuring such luminaries of the genre as Fabo, Jigga, Kells, Luda and Diddy in a musical celebration of all that is trite and trivial, frivolous and flagrant. If the Fresh Prince is still looking for "a groove that soothes and moves romance" this 'Summertime' then here are 22 of em. Long live "Rap & Bullshit".
Go check the full release, the amazing original artwork by Upper Echelon, and the option of a track-split version of the mix, over at the Southern Hospitality site here:

Finally, those of you in London (or willing to travel) get down to
The Social on Little Portland Street W1 for the official launch party of this mix on Friday night, 23rd July. Southern Hospitality - Rap & Bullshit Special, free entry all night, details here and here.

But enough of that, here is the amazing mix itself...

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J.Bo & Southern Hospitality Present: Rap & Bullshit 101 - 2010
Source: Serato Scratch Live
Duration: 1h18m00s
Format: MP3-VBR
Size: 140.6MB [single MP3 file plus CUE sheet]

UPDATE: For the YouTube addicts, there is a Video Playlist of Rap & Bullshit 101 here.

UPDATE UPDATE: Photo gallery from the awesome CD Release Party is now up here. Thanks for everybody who came down and made it one of the best parties ever... hope you all enjoy your very exclusive free hard copy of the mix!

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

J.Bo Tape #22: DJ Sy - The Scratchmaster's Obsession - Jungle Drum And Bass - 1995

You think you're big time?
You're gonna f***ing die big time...

Croydon's finest, DJ Sy, is nothing short of a Hardcore Legend. Inspired by old school hip-hop DJs in the late 80s, he started spinning hip-hop and soul... explaining his unique style amongst rave DJs and nickname "The Scratchmaster".

Gaining a residency at Nottingham's Venus nightclub in 1990, he was taken by the emerging hardcore scene and had a popular
pirate radio show on the city's Rave FM. Bookings around the Midlands followed - Nemesis in Leicester, Time in Birmingham, Amnesia and Eclipse in Coventry - before his unique style got him noticed by the big national rave promoters like Dreamscape, Helter Skelter, Obsession and Fantazia.

Creating one of the hardcore scene's most prolific labels, Quosh Records, DJ Sy & Unknown produced a number of Happy Hardcore anthems, as well as other styles under a number of pseudonyms. Never wanting to be boxed in, Sy continues to DJ in other genres, such as House and Drum & Bass... a perfect example of which we have here.

This mix showcases Sy scratching over a set of heavyweight Jungle tunes, mostly from 1994, mostly on
Formation Records, Tearing Vinyl and RAM Records. Believe me, the b-line on the first tune makes this mix worth the price of admission alone... trust!

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DJ Sy - The Scratchmaster's Obsession - Jungle Drum And Bass - 1995
Source: TDK D60-Type I
Duration: 50m37s
Format: MP3-192kbps
Size: 69.6MB

This is a journey into sound...