Thursday, November 25, 2010

J.Bo Tape #27: DJ SS & MC Fearless - One In The Jungle - 18Jul1997 ***EXCLUSIVE***

I know you don't smoke weed, but I'ma get you high today!

Another gap in the amazing One In The Jungle Archive's collection filled with yet another EXCLUSIVE One In The Jungle hotmix from my vaults - this time from the 1997 run with a set from DJ SS! Download previous One In The Jungle shows here...

A true jungle legend, DJ Scratchen Stein put out countless classics (about 100 - including this absolute ANTHEM) under innumerate aliases (Sound Of The Future, Hot Steppers, MA2...), mostly on his own heavyweight Formation Records label. This mix from 1997 is typical of his sound - experimental, dreamy whilst retaining the hard edge that keeps dancefloors moving... and he smashed all the biggest raves from Telepathy to Fantazia. Midlands crew - STAND UP!

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DJ SS & MC Fearless - One In The Jungle - 18Jul1997
Source: TDK FE90-Type I
Duration: 58m12s
Format: MP3-192kbps
Size: 79.9MB


This is a rare treat for you guys because, as a general rule, I only used to tape the guest DJ hotmixes and not the half an hour of new music either side (and of course the Top 10 at Ten and the National Rave Guide!) because I just listened, bought what I liked and moved on. For whatever reason, maybe cos it was a 90min cassette, I do have this week's one and it is a great listen... it takes me right back to when there was new music coming out of the scene every week that blew my mind and I always rushed right out to cop it on a Saturday morning... well, afternoon... late afternoon!

One In The Jungle - 18Jul1997
Source: TDK FE90-Type I
Duration: 36m26s
Format: MP3-192kbps
Size: 50.1MB

J.Bo Tape #27B: One In The Jungle - 18Jul1997 ***EXCLUSIVE*** by J.Bo Tapes on Mixcloud

Wu-Tang sword style!

Monday, November 8, 2010

J.Bo Tape #26: Brockie & MC Dett - One In The Jungle - 23Aug1996 ***EXCLUSIVE***

X-amount of bassline rumble...

One In The Jungle is responsible for a lot of things. It put the UK's ever mutating breakbeat scene into the public eye for the first time opening the door for the bass that followed from UKG, Grime, Dubstep... Plus the show's popularity started BBC Radio on their path to launch national 'legal pirate' - 1Xtra. Wow.

But even more, it is the reason this very blog was created. Wanting to listen to some old mixes, I came across the brilliant One In The Jungle Archive - home of a huge collection of mixes from the show's history. However, the archive was (and still is) incomplete so I dug out the legendary first three tapes (shows from Goldie, DJ Rap and Roni Size) from my attic, digitised em and upload here. The rest is history.

Now a year later, I have gone back to digging and found another stack of 1ITJ tapes with at least a few of the archive's missing shows in there...
Here is the first of these gap-fillers - a massive Brockie mix from the 1996 run of the show. A legend in the game and a long term favourite of hardsteppers everywhere, Brockie was one of the co-founders of the king of d&b radio - Kool FM - in 1991! This combined with a tireless touring schedule and numerous classic releases on his own Undiluted imprint make Brockie one of the scene's heavyweight champions. Download now.

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Brockie & MC Dett - One In The Jungle - 23Aug1996
Source: Sony FXI 60-Type I
Duration: 58m35s
Format: MP3-192kbps
Size: 80.5MB