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J.Bo Tape #1A: Goldie & MC GQ - One In The Jungle - 20Jul1995 ***EXCLUSIVE***

Riddle me this, riddle me that,
This one is the living, and the boom shack-attack,
Nine o'clock, we're rocking the show,
So listen massive... it's the sounds of Jungle!

9pm on a Thursday night in the summer of 1995 and the world changed - BBC Radio 1 broadcast the first nationwide drum & bass show, One In The Jungle. And they started big with a heavy mix'n'blend from the one like the Goldie alongside the GQ - check the tracklist in the comments or MP3 tags to see how essential this mix is... Goldie was about to unleash his instant classic debut album, Timeless onto the world through FFRR/London Records and in celebration launched this classic mix on us.

Searching, literally for years, for an MP3 of this show, it eventually dawned on J.Bo Tapes that nobody out there had tapped the first show, safely stored it for over 14 years and then ripped and uploaded it. Knowing that the first three historic episodes of One In The Jungle were sat in the attic while forums around the world (well, mainly in the UK) constantly begged if anybody out there had them was the motivation behind setting up this site. So hold tight for the next few weeks as this gap in your collection will be filled and these important moments in music history will be relived here, exclusively at J.Bo Tapes!

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Goldie & MC GQ - One In The Jungle - 20Jul1995
Source: TDK FE90-Type I
Duration: 47m16s
Format: MP3-192kbps
Size: 64.9MB
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?la5zdha2xblxx9q

For those that don't know, get to know...


  1. Goldie & MC GQ
    One In The Jungle, BBC Radio 1
    Thursday, 20th July 1995
    01. Doc Scott - VIP Drums [Metalheadz]
    02. J Majik - Jim Kutta [Metalheadz]
    03. Photek - The Rain [Metalheadz]
    04. LTJ Bukem - Demon's Theme [Good Looking]
    05. Internal Affairs - Hands To Heaven [Reinforced]
    06. Peshay - Vocal Tune [Good Looking]
    07. Dillinja - Follow Me [Kickin]
    08. Asylum - Da Bass II Dark [Metalheadz]
    09. Maximum Style - Hard As Hell [Parousia]
    10. FBD Project - Breakin' Up (B Boy Remix) [Bang-in Tunes]
    11. Goldie - Kemistry (VIP Mix) [FFRR]
    12. T-Power & MK Ultra - Mutant Jazz (Rollers Instinct Remix) [S.O.U.R.]
    13. Goldie - Saint Angel (edit) [FFRR]


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