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J.Bo Tape #5: Alex Reece - One In The Jungle - 19Jul1996

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After the success of the One In The Jungle showcases in 1995, BBC Radio 1 came back with a full series of the show in 1996. It ran as a weekly two hour broadcast with a one hour guest mix in the middle. It kept going right through to 1998 when it morphed into the Fabio and Grooverider show.

Here we have a beautiful jazzstep mix (tracklist in comments and ID3 tags) from the 1996 run mixed by Alex Reece. Despite the fallout with Goldie (including a rumoured club fight) and his virtual blacklisting from the d&b scene, he still comes with a classic Hotmix to promote his debut album, So Far, released on 4th & Broadway the following month...

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Alex Reece - One In The Jungle - 19Jul1996
Source: TDK D60-Type I
Duration: 59m51s
Format: MP3-192kbps
Size: 82.1MB
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?dsf1us5y2kdrjk8

A lil bonus for the nostalgic among you - a short promo broadcast earlier in the day on Radio 1 for this Alex Reece Hotmix...

Alex Reece - Radio 1 Promo - 19Jul1996
Source: TDK D60-Type I
Duration: 0m36s
Format: MP3-192kbps
Size: 0.85MB
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?v7o61gtsktvioa4

This could well be the last One In The Jungle tape on this blog, at least for a while, but if you want more, head over to the One In The Jungle Archive, which is trying to put together a complete collection of this groundbreaking show. They have even added the first three shows now, as they were lost and missing before they appeared exclusively on this blog :-D

While J.Bo Tapes gives you this Alex Reece hotmix only (but in slightly better quality!), you can get the full two hour show with charts, rave guide etc intact if you head over there...
web address http://www.oneinthejungle.com/
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  1. Alex Reece
    One In The Jungle, BBC Radio 1
    Hot Mix, 19th July 1996
    01. Fellowship – Shake It – Xpressive
    02. Alex Reese & DJ Pulse ft. Jazz Cartel – Street Player – Al’s Records
    03. Jazz Cartel – Expand – Creative Wax
    04. St Germain – Alabama Blues (Wax Doctor Mix) – F–Communications
    05. Alex Reece – Ibiza – 4th & Broadway
    06. Technical Itch – Can’t You See – Moving Shadow
    07. Underwolves – The Crossing – Creative Wax
    08. ????
    09. Alex Reece – Acid Lab – 4th & Broadway
    10. DJ Die – Reincarnations – Full Cycle
    11. ????
    12. PIM – Wicked Woman – All Good Vinyl
    13. Alex Reece ft. Carmen – Candles (Playboys For Life Remix) – 4th On Broadway
    14. Neneh Cherry – Woman (Alex Reece No Vocal Remix) – Hut

  2. It would be great if you could post Alex Reece's 1997 One in the Jungle set up as well.

  3. I don't think I have it and it has never emerged on the internet either. Hopefully someone, somewhere has it and reads this...

  4. I need to know track 8.bugging me for a cple o years.it's on his boum de luxe set aswell.vocal with get away in the tune.

  5. Track 8 is a unreleased Alex Reece track, the tracks drums sound a bit like Sound Clash which was released on his Vicious Circle Promo CD. The track with the "Get Away" vocal has already been named, it's Alex Reece Candles (Playboys Remix).

  6. Any chace of a re-up?


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