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J.Bo Tape #8: LTJ Bukem & MC DRS - Essential Mix Live @ Cream - 25Aug1996

Got sounds, like the NFL we touchdown...

Just one year after LTJ Bukem's first breakthrough essential mix and drum & bass had taken over the UK dance scene so much that even the northern super clubs could no longer ignore it. Liverpool's legendary house night, Cream @ The Foundry, reacted with a Logical Progression residency in its Courtyard.
Those that never got to experience this atmosphere first hand can now enjoy this second half of an Essential Mix Live (Pete Tong broadcast from the main room himself for the first hour).

Yet another mellow d&b mix, yet another Essential Mix, yet another Bukem tape... and yet another tracklist available in the comments and MP3 tags. Enjoy. Also, listen out for the final track where you just get a teaser of Grace's "If I Could Fly (LTJ Bukem's Roll It Mix)" from Perfecto. Sadly, the show finishes before the unfiltered break busts out to sends shivers down your spine. When this remix finally reached the shops, the pressing was so bad that it just didn't have the same impact as when LTJ rocked his dub plate. If anybody has a nice crisp clean MP3 of this, drop a link it in the comments please!

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LTJ Bukem & MC DRS - Essential Mix Live @ Cream - 25Aug1996
Source: Memorex CRX S60-Type II
Duration: 57m22s
Size: 78.8MB
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?ow4ekps459kkaas

If I could fly away...

1 comment:

  1. LTJ Bukem & MC DRS
    Essential Mix Live @ Cream, BBC Radio 1
    Nation Nightclub, Liverpool, UK
    Saturday, 25th August 1996
    01. Aquarious And Tayla - "Soul Searching" (Good Looking)
    02. Apelusa - "Night Train" (Good Looking)
    03. P Project - "Solar System [PFM Remix]" (white label)
    04. PHD - "Above And Beyond" (Good Looking)
    05. St. Etienne - "Down By The Sea [PFM Remix]" (white label)
    06. Seven Lotech - "Universal Music" (Looking Good)
    07. LTJ Bukem - "Music [Peshay Mix]" (Looking Good)
    08. Elysian Fields - "Shogunn" (Looking Good)
    09. Grace - "If I Could Fly Away (LTJ Bukem's Roll It Mix)" (Perfecto)


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