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It's alive... IT'S ALIVE!!!

No posts for a month... but fear not. J.Bo Tapes is alive and kicking, as the attached photo shows. This is just one of three more boxes of tapes found during an Xmas Attic Rummage. So just hold tight and watch the ride...

By the way, a few people have reported broken links when they see the Megaupload message "The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable." I have no idea why this happens BUT I do know that if you try the link again later in the day that it will probably be working. So don't give up - the J.Bo Tapes are worth waiting for.


  1. ur tape collection is like seeing a time capsule!

  2. Can I put in a request for the DJ Sy tape in the picture to be digitised and put up on the site?
    Harcore - you know the score!

  3. There's a bit of a backlog of tapes to process and release at the mo but the Sy Obsession tape is now on the list...
    In the meantime, if you are after some classic 1992 stylee, check the Easygroove tape posted over the weekend:


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