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J.Bo Tape #21: Frankie Knuckles - Universe Big Love - 13Aug1993

Dreamy sounds of the Underground...

Being lucky enough to catch the opening of Frankie Knuckles' new residency at The Crimson Lounge Chicago a few weeks ago, I was struck with the age range of partiers in the Windy City. Since House music emerged from disco at the dawn of the 80s, the city's residents have never stopped taking advantage of Chi-town's 5am last call to party hard, still going strong into their 40s. A lesson to you ravers that retired way before 30!

Frankie Knuckles is credited as the Godfather of House for his early groundbreaking sets at the Warehouse and Power Plant clubs as well as his genre defining productions (you may recognise this one...). A decade later, he moved back to New York, formed Def Mix Productions with David Morales and was soon churning out beautiful remixes for the biggest names in pop - Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Toni Braxton... Lisa Stansfield (!).

Universe were considered the UK's #1 rave promoters - priding themselves on value for money, huge innovative productions, and uncompromising DJ line ups - peaking with Tribal Gathering in 1993. Sadly, increased political pressure from the authorities and the police made it impossible to make money, even with 20,000 people attending events, and they were out of business before the end of the year. Here we go back in time to their final rave - Big Love - and Frankie's co-headline set from the Heaven stage...

********** NEW LINK 01-Apr-2014 - R.I.P. Frankie **********

Frankie Knuckles - Universe Big Love - 13Aug1993
Source: Memorex CRX II S60-Type II
Duration: 50m00s
Format: MP3-192kbps
Size: 68.7MB
Download: http://www55.zippyshare.com/v/66800322/file.html

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