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HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY to J.Bo Tapes!

1 year, 25 tapes, 30 mixes, 26 DJs, 12 MCs later... 29 posts and several thousand downloads in... even 3 of my own mixes (1 old and 2 new)... and we still standing.

Thanks to everybody who has read the blog, downloaded a mix, mailed a link out, posted to a forum, left a comment, facebooked, twittered @jbotapes or just generally held it down over the past 365 days. I hope you are all enjoying what is essentially a personal project to digitally preserve my own tape collection for posterity.

If anyone is thinking of buying J.Bo a birthday gift, then something like this would do... oh, and of course, a cake is essential.

Here's to many more massive mp3 mixes to come... hold tight and watch the ride.

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