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*VIDEO* Spread Love @ The Social, Halloween 31-Oct-2000

Spread Love CD

At the turn of the millennium, The Social bar on Little Portland street was just starting its journey towards becoming a Legendary London Institution, and my favourite spot for nearly 20 years!

One of the early residencies was Spread Love, a Tuesday night hip-hop party created by residents DJ Yoda, DJ Go and James Lebens. It became an essential part of the scene, anyone who was anyone passed through when in town - despite the horrific Red Stripe hangovers, I still have strong memories of legendary nights with Ugly Duckling, MC Paul Barman, Maya Jupiter, Edan and many more... There were also plenty of displays of mind blowing turntablism within these four walls, as DJ Yoda and DJ Go's links to the DMC World DJ Championships led to a revolving door of the best DJs show their skills

Last week, DJ Yoda rediscovered some Video Cam footage of the Halloween 2000 party where Peanut Butter Wolf and Madlib came through and rocked the party Stone Throw style. It was fun trying to spot myself and many others in this video, great memories man...

If you were there, or remember Spread Love, drop a comment below!

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