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J.Bo Tape #16: DJ Lynx - The 3pm Experience - Galaxy 101FM - 16Dec1995 ***EXCLUSIVE***

Givin' more bounce to the ounce - DJ Lynx...

Finally, a hip-hop tape on this blog! Believe it or not, the J.Bo Tape collection is very diverse... but so far, the life changing tapes published here seem to focus around drum & bass. However, we have been inspired to branch out by the incredible reaction to the previous Roni Size tape - that mix received over 100 downloads in the first 24 hours and was reblogged, twittered, facebooked and forumed everywhere! To celebrate, we now bring another tape-based gift to the Bristol massive. You have already heard about the significance of Galaxy Radio in the West Country and South Wales during the 90s, well here is another perfect example of their music programming policy in action.

Bristol is probably best known for the sounds of Trip-Hop, later Drum & Bass, and maybe now Dubstep, but these mainstream breakthroughs were only made possible by the long and very strong history of sound-system, dub and hip-hop crews in the city breeding a diverse depth of talent looking to twist the latest developing sounds of UK music to give it their own flava. If you want to understand this city's place in pushing things forward, you have to also look back at this past.

Here we have one such legendary Bristol hip hop crew, 3PM - DJ Lynx along with MC Krissy Kriss and Kelz - showcasing their talents by taking us on a weekly journey through the latest mid-90s hip-hop sounds. Expect Heltah Skeltah, J-Live, Show & AG, Wu-Tang... all mixed with the two-copy turntable tricks that you'd expect from a lifetime hip-hop head like Lynx.

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DJ Lynx - The 3PM Experience - Galaxy 101FM - 16Dec1995
Source: Memorex CRX II S60-Type II
Duration: 55m14s
Format: MP3-192kbps
Size: 75.8MB
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?c9vtbnunn8qx5xm

I leave em froze like hero'n in ya nose.

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  1. Much love and respect for this blog the best only Black Hip Hop Mc's and D.J Crew to come out of Bristol for me. Here is Krissy Kris none now as the Kinsmans new Record here https://kinsman1.bandcamp.com/ And Mc Kelz with Sir Beans O.B.E Producing and doing the Cutting and Scratching.Stay Blessed.Peace G Beats.


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