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J.Bo Tape #17 & #18: Nick Warren & Jody - Way Out West - Best Of 1994 - Galaxy 101FM ***EXCLUSIVE***

Trippin on, trippin on, trippin on, trippin on, trippin on, trippin on suuunshiiine!

Bristol has been holding down this blog of late. And to thank you for the huge download responses to the Roni Size & Krust Full Cycle show and the DJ Lynx 3PM Experience show, here is yet another of Galaxy 101FM's contributions to pushing underground music in the 90s...

DJs Nick Warren & Jody Wisternoff came together in 1994 to create the now legendary progressive house group, Way Out West. By 1996, they stepped past the prolific-remixer tag and released their own huge cross over anthem, The Gift (the 2010 remixes of which have just hit the stores). Four well received studio albums followed on leading labels Deconstruction Records and Distinctive Records, along with a series of solo releases and mixes from each (prior to WOW, Jody had Hip Hop success as Tru Funk Posse with his brother, and Hardcore success as Sub Love with DJ Die!). But before they joined the extensive roll-call of Bristol artists meeting worldwide success and acclaim, they presented this weekly Monday evening mixshow of the latest and greatest tunes from their scene...

Here we have two of their shows from early January 1995 - luckily for you listeners these were the special "Best of 1994" editions made over two shows, two mixes and two J.Bo Tapes! It seems the first was mixed by Nick Warren and the second by Jody... but grab em both and relive this classic year right herrrrre:

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Nick Warren & Jody - Way Out West - Best Of 1994 - 09+16Jan1995
Source: Scotch BX60-Type I
Duration: 1h52m58s (55m57s + 57m01s)
Format: MP3-192kbps
Size:  154.5MB (76.9MB + 78.4MB)
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?s1tv2q1rc3k6vxy

To the beat of the drum... BANG! To the beat of the drum... BANG BANG!

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